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Relationship Tracker Pro was founded by a workshopping actor, an industry showcase organizer, and a producer, who over the course of six years in the workshop industry, kept hearing the same praises and the same complaints about workshops from hundreds of actors, agents, & managers.

Almost universally, actors, agents & managers agree that attending casting director workshops is one of the most effective ways an actor can learn from industry professionals, create fans in the casting community, and advance their careers.

However, without an effective tracking system, a large percentage of an actor’s workshops, even the best ones, are simply forgotten.

We at Relationship Tracker Pro believe that actors, who invest so much time, effort, talent, and money into their workshops, deserve more. By creating a simple platform actors can use to keep their agents and managers updated about their best workshops, we help ensure that an actor’s most impressive performances at workshops can be remembered for months and years to come, that agents and managers can gain a clearer understanding of how their clients are perceived in the casting community, and that casting directors can be reminded about their favorite workshopping actors.

We know how hard actors, agents, managers, and casting directors work. Our greatest satisfaction comes from providing tools they can use to advance their careers, and achieve their dreams!