How It Works

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Your Clients Input Their Industry Relationships

and history with casting directors


Your Profile Updates Automatically

Instantly organizing your entire roster’s relationship records in one place!



Powerful Searches

Find any relationship fast with dozens of powerful search tools. Want to see all your clients who have history with a specific casting director? – It’s one click away!



Cross Reference What’s Currently Casting

The “Breakdown Assistant” helps you quickly see all of your clients who have already booked, gotten callbacks, or have other positive history with casting directors who are currently casting roles that are right for them!


Pitching Made Easy

Send “Quick Reminders” to casting directors to remind them about their positive history with a client you’re pitching.  “Quick reminders” can be sent to a CD’s email or inserted directly into online submissions.


Find Unrepresented Talent Already Booking

Relationship Tracker Pro is the only website that shows you not only headshots, resumes and demo reels of actors seeking representation, but their industry relationships, auditions, callbacks, & bookings. Now you can know their industry fans, and history with every casting director before you sign them!

Free for You and Your Clients!

That’s right. Relationship Tracker Pro is absolutely free for agents and managers, and there is a 100% free membership for actors which allows them to input their most important new relationships each month.

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