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General Questions

  • How many agencies are using

    Hundreds of major agencies and management companies are using, including many of the biggest names in the business! We can’t list them here, but if you email us, we can let you know if your agent is a member!

  • What if my agent or manager isn’t a Relationship Tracker Pro member yet? Can I still benefit from having a Relationship Tracker Pro account?


    You can use Relationship Tracker Pro with ANY agent or manager.  Even if they have not yet created a membership, you can still send them an automatically updating link to your profile.  Anytime they click this link in the future, they will always see your most up-to-date relationships and casting director history.  The link is nearly identical to what they would see as members, only instead of seeing all of their clients’ relationships, they will only see yours!


  • Do agents see ALL my relationships, or can I choose what they’ll see?

    You determine which relationships, events, and notes your agent and manager can access.  Simply select “make private” or “share with reps.”

  • How do my agent and/or manager see my relationships and casting director history?

    If your agent or manager is already a Relationship Tracker Pro member, once you link to their profile, they will automatically be able to access your most up to date records.  (anything you choose to share with them that is).

    If your agent or manager are not yet members, no problem!  By clicking “Send Link” on your “Representation” page, you can send them an automatically updating link of your profile.  Whenever they click this link in the future, they will always see your most up-to-date records!

  • I don’t have an agent or manager but would like to find one. How can Relationship Tracker Pro help?

    If you have a full membership, from your “My Profile” page, click “Representation” then click “Seek Representation.”  This will make your profile, marketing materials, and any past events  that you’d like to share (bookings, callbacks, auditions, relationships), visible to our large database of agents and/or managers seeking new talent.

  • How will an agent or manager get in touch with me if they are interested in meeting me or representing me?

    You will receive a message in your “Notification Center” and an email.

  • Why should I share my success stories and how do I do that?

    We post many of our members’ success stories on our social media sites which are seen by a large audience of agents, managers, casting directors, and other actors.   It’s a great way to show that you are active and succeeding, and keep you in people’s minds when they cast for future projects or are considering actors for representation.   To share your Relationship Tracker Pro success stories, click “Report Success Story” from your My Profile page.

  • I don't live in NY or LA. Can I still use Relationship Tracker Pro?

    Absolutely.  When you sign up, simply type in your city, state, and zip.

  • Do you screen agents and managers on Relationship Tracker Pro?

    Yes.  Relationship Tracker Pro is committed to only allowing legitimate agents and managers to create and retain accounts.  However, neither we, nor the operators of any website, can vouch for the trustworthiness, ethical standards, or the bona fides of every user (Please see our LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY under our TERMS OF SERVICE).  We strongly urge you to thoroughly vet any “agent” or “manager” before entering into any legal or working relationship and request that, If, for any reason, you believe that any person listed as an agent or manager on Relationship Tracker Pro may have misrepresented him or herself, you contact us immediately.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Because we offer a 100% free membership to actors who would like to trial our service before committing to a full membership, we do not offer refunds.

  • How can I get technical support?

    If your questions are not answered on this page, you can always contact us!  From My Profile, click the “Help” link, or, if you are not logged in, click the “Contact” button, to send a message to technical support.

    Alternatively, you may email

    We make every effort to resolve your technical support issue within 24-48 hours!


  • Can I submit a suggestion To improve Relationship Tracker Pro?

    Absolutely!  We strive to create the most helpful and user friendly experience for our members and welcome your suggestions.

    from My Profile: click the arrow next to “help”, click “contact us” and select “suggestion for improvement” in the fourth dropdown menu.  Thanks in advance for your input!

    (If you are not logged in, click the “Contact” button, then select “suggestion for improvement” in the fourth dropdown menu.)

  • I still have questions!

    No problem!  Click “Contact” or “Help” on the top right of the page.

    Alternatively, you can email  We’re happy to answer all of your questions!