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General Questions

  • Why should I use Relationship Tracker Pro?
    • See all your clients’ industry relationships in one place – updating automatically!
    • Use the “Breakdown Assistant” to quickly see which clients already have a history with casting directors who are casting roles right for them!
    • Target casting directors who are fans of your clients.
    • Arm yourself with knowledge and tailor your pitches based on each clients’ relationships, history, and feedback from casting directors.
    • Give your clients peace of mind, knowing their agent or manager is always updated about their industry relationships.
    • No spreadsheets to manually update or lost and forgotten relationships.
    • Convert your clients’ relationships into auditions and jobs!
    • It’s FREE!!
  • How many agencies are using Relationship Tracker Pro?

    Hundreds of major agencies and management companies use Relationship Tracker Pro  to automatically track thousands of actors’ relationship records and to find new talent!

  • Is Relationship Tracker Pro really free for me and my clients?

    Relationship Tracker Pro is FREE for agents and managers.

    There is also a completely free membership for actors that allows your clients to update you about their 2 most important new relationships every month. Actors can stay on the free membership as long as they like.

    A second level of membership offers more advanced features including unlimited relationship and event entries and storage of their full activity history.  This “Full membership” is $8 a month when paid annually, or $12 a month when billed monthly.

  • How do I connect with my clients to see their relationships and history with casting directors?

    To access your clients’ relationship records, you must first “connect” with them.  It’s very easy!  From your “My Home” page:

    1) click “Invite My Clients.”

    2) Enter your clients’ email addresses,

    3) click “Send Invite.”

    That’s it!  Your clients will receive email invitations with a code they can use to connect with you.  Once they connect, you can access their relationship records from your “My Home” page.

    Alternatively, you can copy and paste the “client invitation email template” from your account activation email, and email this to your client list from your own email application.

  • What kinds of searches can I perform?

    Your clients’ relationship records and casting director history are stored in a database that you can search quickly, using extremely customizable search parameters.  

    Many of the following methods can be used independently, or in combination, to get you the results you need, fast!

    – By Client:

    – By Casting Director: 

    – By Casting Company

    – Client / Casting Director Combo Search: cross reference any client with any casting director.

    – Client / Casting Company Combo Search: cross reference any client with any casting company.

    Breakdown Assistant:  cross references age range, gender, and casting director or casting company currently casting roles to show you all your clients who have history with a CD or casting company currently casting roles right for them!

    By event type: bookings, callbacks, auditions, personal relationships, etc.

    By Date Range: Select a date range from the “Activity” menu.

    and more!

  • How are “Quick Reminders” sent to casting directors?

    You have a choice:

    1) You may send a “Quick Reminder” to a casting director’s email address.

    2) You may include a “Quick Reminder” link directly in your regular online submissions.

    Both versions of “Quick Reminders” can include your clients’ history with that casting director along with headshot, resume, & demo reel(s).

  • Why is Relationship Tracker Pro the best website to find new talent?

    Relationship Tracker Pro is the only website that allows you to see not only headshots, resumes and demo reels, but their history of auditions, callbacks, and bookings. You can see an actors entire history with every casting director before signing them.  You can see which actors are proactive, creating relationships in the casting community. and creating their own opportunities.

    Take advantage of 15 powerful search parameters, usable in nearly endless combination, to find actors who meet your specific criteria. Find an actor you’re impressed with? Send the actor a message, or meeting request, directly from Relationship Tracker Pro.

  • What is the "Track Client" feature?

    If you have a lot of clients, you may appreciate the ability to quickly isolate a select few.  By clicking “Track Client” on those clients’ profiles, you’ll be able to easily isolate their records later.  Simply click “Clients I’m Tracking” on your “My Home” page, to temporarily view only the records from clients you are “Tracking.”  This may come in handy if you have a few new clients and want to keep a close eye on their activity.  Or perhaps you have some seasoned actors on your roster who you know have a lot of strong industry relationships and you like being able to access their records quickly.  However you may choose to use this feature, it’s there for you when you need it.

  • Can I use Relationship Tracker Pro on my smart phone?

    Yes.  And soon the experience will get even better!  Our upcoming mobile optimized site will offer agents and managers a clear view and search their entire roster’s relationship records in a simple, intuitive interface, on their mobile devices.

  • May I send in a comment or suggestion To improve Relationship Tracker Pro?

    Absolutely!  We’re always looking for ways to improve your experience.  Click “Contact” then select “suggestion” from the fourth drop-down menu.

    Or, from your “My Home” page, click the arrow next to “Help” and click “Suggestion.”  Thanks in advance for your input!

  • I still have questions!

    No problem!  We look forward to answering any questions you may have.  Email us at